Need the knowledge to make more money and become the best freelancer you can be?

This might be the spot.

Need the knowledge to make more money and become the best freelancer you can be?

This might be the spot.

Who’s Mister Pajamas?

Anyone who makes money out of their pajamas, but specifically, any successful freelance copywriter. Speaking of which, do you have these 11 traits that define every successful freelance copywriter? The term is gender-neutral, btw, although it originated with bullies butchering my surname when I was a kid.

“Hey Pajamas!” they’d sneer. I’ll be that.

And while you’re here, go through our comprehensive resources, which are designed to help you improve every aspect of your freelance copywriting journey.

From pricing negotiation to discussing how to gather amazing testimonials, we’ve tried to address the bits that’ll give you greater command over your freelance copywriting practice.

How Mister Pajamas can help you take your

freelance copywriting practice to the next level

It’s harder than ever to be a freelance copywriter these days. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are producing “professional copywriters” who are forcing you to compete based on price.

But you just don’t have it in you to get paid next to nothing for all your hard work.
It’s taken me years of research to get to where I’m at today.

I founded Mister Pajamas to save you money, but more importantly, time.

Because guess what?

There’s a ton of bad info out there. Time-wasting info. I’ve taken a few of the paid courses. I’ve read hundreds of books on marketing, persuasion psychology, copywriting, you name it.

A few thousand dollars in the hole later, it’s not the money I feel a loss for.
It’s my time.

That’s why each resource you’ll find here is designed to give you the shortcuts you need, to equip you with the right tools for success.

About Valerio Puggioni

Valerio Puggioni is an SEO copywriter and copy coach based in Bangkok, Thailand. His background is in propaganda research and critical analysis. Valerio is also the former marketing director of TopEdit, a research editing company based out of Taiwan. Since launching his practice in 2017, he’s helped dozens of copywriters work their way toward making hundreds to thousands of dollars more per project.
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