Work smart, make more money, and become

the best freelance copywriter you can be.

Work smart, make more money, and become

the best freelance copywriter you can be.

Newish to freelance copywriting? It takes years to master every aspect, so I’m here to save you time.

There’s just so many copywriting courses online selling you on the myth that you can become the next millionaire freelance copywriter, simply by doing this.

“Copy great ads by hand! That’s the secret!”

“Just pick up the phone and start dialing. It’s a numbers game! Didn’t ‘cha know?”

“There’s prospects everywhere around you! If you’re not making money, you’re the only one to blame.”


I know copywriters–good copywriters–who’ve burnt themselves out with droopy, bloodshot eyes, pencil in hand as they’d collapse like a ton of bricks.

Sure, they’ve got clients. Tons.

What they haven’t got is TIME. And happy clients. Clients who appreciate them. Prospects who know the value of great copy. Potential clients who don’t haggle, because they know it’s a shitty thing to do.

These freelance copywriters feel like they’re not getting paid what they’re worth. And sometimes, they even feel like they’re being taken for a ride, strung along on promises of future work, or future… whatever.

That’s why I compiled this list, “11 Traits of Every Successful Freelance Copywriter”, to save you time with a targeted approach, so you can hit the ground running.

Because we both know there’s a plethora of bad information out there. This simple document also includes practical and actionable advice that’ll keep you on the right (and shortest) path to long-term success with your freelance copywriting practice.

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